I work with many different Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle and Kipper decks incorporating my knowledge of elemental dignities, numerology, history and general cartomancy.


I conduct Readings in person (depending on location) or via telephone appointment.


Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand and Kipper Readings can offer guidance on life's journey.  The cards reflect the past, present and possible future through mystical and ancient symbols, which through intensive study of traditional meanings and my own intuition I interpret.

Why The Different Decks?

Whether you've had a Card Reading before or not, you're bound to have some idea of what a Tarot Card looks like and their various names through exposure via popular media.  So why do I use different decks and card systems?  Many Card Readers have a specific affinity to certain decks and systems and only use those decks and systems when they read.  I am no different in this respect as I have my favourites but unlike many, I utilise mulitple decks and systems as it is my experience that certain decks and systems are more suited than others to particular questions or areas of life.  For example, depending upon the question or area of life you wish your reading to focus on, it may be that a Kipper spread would be the most appropriate, or it may be that a Lenormand spread would provide the most insight. 

Reading Options

Divine Instant Answer - Divine Instant Answer Readings are for when a simple yes or no is what you are looking for.  One Yes / No Question inclusive of percentage (this gives an indication of how strong or weak the yes / no answer is).  Divine Instant Answer Readings are conducted via telephone or card cam (Messenger / Skype) and should take no more than 5 minutes.

Divine Instant Answer - £5

Divine Question - The Divine Question Reading is a 5-Card reading, ideal if you have a specific question you would like answered.  Your reading will generally take no longer than 10 minutes.  As these are short readings they are available via telephone or card cam (Messenger / Skype).

Divine Quesion 10 minute appointment - £10


Divine Life - The Divine Life Reading is a bit more in depth.  Divine Life is a 6-Card Tarot Reading combined with a 9-Card (Petit Tableau) Lenormand Reading and is designed to focus on a specific area of your life, for example, if you would like to know specifically about your personal life or perhaps your professional life.  Your reading will take approximately 30 minutes and are available in via telephone, card cam (Messenger / Skype).

Divine Life 30 minute appointment - £30

Divine General - My Divine General Reading is a Grand Tableau (as pictured) and focusses on your life as a whole rather than one specific area or question.  Of course, 'The Cards' may fall in such a way that we deal with one area more than others because 'The Cards' dictate that area needs addressing most, though other aspects of your life will still be covered.  Divine General Readings are available in person (depending on location) or via telephone or card cam (Messenger / Skype) and will last approximately 1-Hour.

Divine General Grand Tableau 1-Hour appointment - £60

Divine Guidance -​ My Divine Guidance Reading rolls everything in to one and includes: a Grand Tableau, an Angel / Oracle Card and my own 15-Card spread, the 'Divine Spread'.  Divine Guidance will look at your life as a whole, a specific area of your life and answer a specific question you may have.  Divine Guidance Readings are avaliable in person (depending on location) or via telephone or card cam (Messenger / Skype).  Given the depth of the Divine Guidance Reading, your reading will take approximately 1-Hour & 30 minutes.

Divine Guidance 1-Hour & 30 minute appointment - £90

Divine Calling Card Party

My Divine Calling Card Parties are a great alternative night in where each attendee can have a private reading in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  If you're someone who has had readings before individually and you have friends who are curious about "The Cards", a group reading can serve as a lovely introduction.  It can work equally well if none of your group has ever had a reading. 

There are several DC Party options available catering for groups between 4 and 8 people with each person receiving a 30 minute reading. 


Divine Calling Party for 4: 'Divine Life' 30 minute reading per person (2 hours total) - £100 (£30 Deposit)

Divine Calling Party for 5: 'Divine Life' 30 minute reading per person (2 1/2 hours total) - £125 (£50 Deposit)

Divine Calling Party for 6: 'Divine Life' 30 minute reading per person (3 hours total) - £150 (£70 Deposit)

Divine Calling Party for 7: 'Divine Life' 30 minute reading per person (3 1/2 hours total) - £175 (£90 Deposit)

Divine Calling Party for 8: 'Divine Life' 30 minute reading per person (4 hours total) - £200 (£100 Deposit)

Please note: Divine Calling Parties are subject to a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.  Deposits can be paid for online via Divine Calling Shop ​with the balance payble on the day of your party.  If you opt for this payment method, your party date can be transferred to a new date provided 7 days' notice is given.

Alternatively, you can pay for your reading in full via Divine Calling Shop.  The full party price includes a non-refundable deposit, however, your party date can be transferred to a new date provided 48 hours notice is given.

If you would like to book a Divine Calling Card Reading or a Divine Calling Card Party please contact me at: tasha@divinecalling.co.uk or on 0780 895 1045.  Payments for your booking can be made via my Divine Calling Shop.

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Please note, I am currently unable to offer distance readings to those located in Canada or USA.


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My thanks to Ciro Marchetti for the kind use of some of his artwork.


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