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Throughout the year I run a series of workshops to assist those interested in developing their card reading and healing skills.  It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice or have some experience in these areas, I will have a workshop fit for your stage of development, whether you intend to use these skills purely for your own benefit, or if you plan to take what you've learned and help others.  


Please select from the links below to discover my Divine Workshops and do contact me if you have any further questions regarding the workshops, or to enquire about availability (spaces are often limited).


The Science & Art of Reading Tarot and Oracle Decks -

Tips From A Professional


Blurred Tarot & How To Adjust Your Focus... 

An Introduction To Spreads


Usui Reiki Workshops


Angelic Reiki Workshops


The Six-Minute Healing Codes Workshop

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Please note, I am currently unable to offer distance readings to those located in Canada or USA.


Email: tasha@divinecalling.co.uk

Tel: 0780 895 1045

Web: www.divinecalling.co.uk

My thanks to Ciro Marchetti for the kind use of some of his artwork.


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