Divine Numbers

Magic Behind The Numbers


This personalised reading uses a Magic Square to reveal what the significant numbers in your life mean - From the time you were born, to the present day…


20 minute Divine Numbers Reading - £50 

Divine Numbers

Colour By Numbers


This reading is based on your personal birthday numbers... You will find out your colour & gift  during this reading (amongst other things)!  


Birthdate required at time of booking.


20 minute Colour by Numbers Reading - £30

Please Note: If you are located within the expanded ULEZ zone, an addtional £12.50 charge is applicable for in-person appointments.

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Please note, I am currently unable to offer distance readings to those located in Canada or USA.


Email: tasha@divinecalling.co.uk

Tel: 0780 895 1045

Web: www.divinecalling.co.uk

My thanks to Ciro Marchetti for the kind use of some of his artwork.


Please Note: All and any recordings of readings are private and should not be shared in any social media format - unless the reading is coducted via Radio, Facebook Live or other live public access media.

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