Divinitea Tea Cup Reading


Tea-leaf reading, often referred to as the “art of Tasseography” was brought to Europe in the 17th Century via Dutch merchants who brought tea from China. 


It’s origins are actually from Asia, the Middle East, and Ancient Greece, where Middle Eastern cultures usually read coffee grinds.  It was Chinese Fortune Tellers that are said to have discovered tea leaf reading after recognising patterns and shapes left by tea leaves in cups, which they began interpreting as prophecies…. Tasseography has been a popular divination method since!


This “Divinitea” Tea Cup Reading consists of a tea cup reading, complimented with a card from a tasseography based card deck to complete your reading.


For in person or group bookings, please contact me.



30 minute "Divinitea" Tea Cup Reading - £50

Please Note: If you are located within the expanded ULEZ zone, an addtional £12.50 charge is applicable for in-person appointments.

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Please note, I am currently unable to offer distance readings to those located in Canada or USA.


Email: tasha@divinecalling.co.uk

Tel: 0780 895 1045

Web: www.divinecalling.co.uk

My thanks to Ciro Marchetti for the kind use of some of his artwork.


Please Note: All and any recordings of readings are private and should not be shared in any social media format - unless the reading is coducted via Radio, Facebook Live or other live public access media.

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