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  • Michelle Araujo (Thursday, August 26 21 04:13 pm BST)

    Tasha is a great psychic that really surprised me with her accuracy and insights about my current life. She's fun, very down to earth, doesn't rush things and isn't afraid of the nitty gritty. I benefited a lot from our session and will certainly be back again when the time is right. Recommended!

  • P (Saturday, August 14 21 10:53 am BST)

    I would just like to say that your reading for me was spot on!

  • Hazel (Monday, August 09 21 11:14 pm BST)

    I had a reading with Tasha this week, the dilemma that I had has literally tormented me for years.... after an hour of cards & clairvoyance I walked away with so much insight, and a clear plan for moving forward in the future. Tasha told me about something very specific in my past that even I had forgotten about!!!! My rating for her is 10 out of 10🙂. It was money & time very well spent..... I walked away feeling that not only had I recieved a bloody good reading, but had to also recieved useful counselling too!! Yes, she is as straight talking as her reputation says! But she gave her reading with kindness and compassion too! I would highly recommend her readings to anyone.....

  • Joanne Cluskey (Tuesday, July 27 21 06:06 pm BST)

    From the beginning it was accurate. Wow mind blowing at times. Thank you for your clear descriptions of what you were trying to say. I felt comfortable enough to question and understand fully. It was significant to me. Thank you so much x

  • Lauren (Monday, July 12 21 03:18 pm BST)

    It was my first tarot reading and I couldn't have been more impressed. I
    really enjoyed and appreciated Tasha’s personal and open approach to the
    reading. Her readings were very reflective of many aspects of my life
    and personality and I could really relate to the messages. I felt like I
    received very clear messages. Thank you Tasha!

  • KJB (Friday, June 25 21 02:28 pm BST)

    My reading was jaw-droppingly accurate. What's more, Tasha brings deep personal wisdom and gives sound advice. I can highly recommend a reading for anyone who requires clarity, insights, reassurance or simply some guidance for their life.

  • Suzanne (Thursday, June 24 21 05:41 am BST)

    Tasha was extremely detailed and accurate with her card readings for me. I came away with hope and positivity and felt I got exactly what I needed from the reading. Highly recommended.

  • Amy (Monday, June 21 21 06:13 pm BST)

    Tasha Lee is the best self care you can give yourself. She walks with you, gives you the information in terms you understand and confirms what you need/want. I will be using her services monthly from now on!

  • sam (Wednesday, June 16 21 10:28 pm BST)

    Really insightful, accurate and provided information for reflection and focus. Tasha was lovely and felt extremely comfortable with her. Would have another reading with her.

  • Becky (Thursday, May 27 21 02:34 pm BST)

    Tasha’s reading was spot on and gave me lots to reflect on & take

    I will definitely get readings from her again in the future

    Highly recommend

  • Noreen (Thursday, May 20 21 03:10 pm BST)

    I had a reading with Tasha today and she was amazing. She was spot on with a current situation and I very much appreciated her guidance.
    I would highly recommend Tasha and have already passed her details on to a friend.
    Thank you Tasha

  • Donna (Thursday, April 22 21 05:48 pm BST)

    I had a short reading with Tasha today she was amazing she absolutely read me completely I needed some guidance and felt stuck Tasha picked this up and gave me some advice based on the cards I was truly amazed and would highly recommend her thank you again Tasha

  • Anita B. (Tuesday, March 16 21 04:44 pm GMT)

    Thank you Tasha Lee for an amazing reading! Not only was it accurate but it was about ups and downs, opportunities that will lead to what I want and what is a waste of my time. Looking forward to getting my Tibetan astrology chart done too! Thanks for everything

  • Dawn Critchley (Friday, March 12 21 10:11 am GMT)

    my first ever astrology & compatible report the wow factor of this detailed report i was not expecting. fact of lives connected, number I chang has left me very enlightened & my soul more completed & contented. if you are contemplating in on having a astrology, cosmology report i can recommend Tasha. Her professionalism in explaining all my report was exceptional.
    Dawn - Wolverhampton

  • Sylvia (Friday, March 05 21 12:25 pm GMT)

    Had the 2nd reading with Tash earlier this week, and again it was very insightful. Current situation was spot on, and some predictions from the previous reading had come true.
    The real benefit of her readings is the guidance on 'challenges' which really helped me to make positive changes. Thank you x

  • Alison Griffiths-Colby (Friday, February 05 21 07:24 am GMT)

    Over the last 18 months Tash has given us several readings all of which have given us a positive and meaningful insight into what has been a very complex and trying time for. Her accuracy even down to dates has been quite breathtaking and enabled us to solve things we thought we were otherwise stuck with. Thanks so much X

  • Ivana (Thursday, January 28 21 02:53 pm GMT)

    I had an 1.3hr.reading & loved it! Such a great insightful reading ,Tasha is a genuinely talented reader.I feltl it has helped me to get clarity so much already and in all other areas of my life . I can't wait to see her again in the future such a positive experience 💓 Thank you x

  • Elisa (Sunday, January 24 21 12:40 pm GMT)

    Tasha was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine, and I cannot do much but highly recommend her to anybody who has got ears. Her approach was extremely professional, kind and compassionate. She told me things about myself that I haven't told anybody, and she offered great support with her gentle guidance and wisdom. Thank you so much, Tasha.

  • Courtney Y (Friday, December 18 20 12:54 pm GMT)

    I was feeling very stuck and lost, a friend recommended getting a reading from Divine Calling and I can honestly say since my reading I have felt so much better in myself. Divine Calling was spot on about me and my situations. I am very happy to see what will happen in the upcoming months and will definitely be back for another reading! Divine Calling made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for a great reading!

  • Birgit (Wednesday, November 25 20 04:35 pm GMT)

    Great reading. Tasha really nailed it. I can really recommend her.

  • Karen Dawn (Monday, November 02 20 02:39 pm GMT)

    Tasha was recommended to me by another tarot card reader and I am so glad I was led here. The reading Tasha gave me was so accurate about my life, but also gave me lots of positive information and thoughts on my future path. I am learning reiki, reflexology and tarot card reading as a career break. I have had a very tough few years and have been told that due to this I have opened up spiritually. I want to use the talents I have been given to help others. Tasha gave me lots of information about the way I should go about this new career route and lots of positivity. She even saw that I hadn't give her information about a fourth area and I remembered I am writing a book and she gave good information about this too. She was also able to give me important information about finances, people around me, my true self and even a possible partner in the future. If you are stuck at a crossroads, having a tough time or need advice please contact Tasha - it will be worth it. PS she even told me that I should order some models of feet to practice my reflexology on and I told her I had purchased them from ebay an hour or so earlier!

  • Jo (Wednesday, October 14 20 02:43 pm BST)

    Yet again another amazing and full on reading with Tasha.
    Managed to encapsulate my feelings right now - in words I couldn’t.
    I would highly recommend Tasha - she not only is honest, insightful and genuine but also takes the time to explain your reason in a way that is relevant to you.
    5 ⭐️ all the way

  • Ann (Thursday, October 08 20 02:22 pm BST)

    Rated: 5 *
    A remarkably talented reader who reads with depth & accuracy. Give her a call you won’t be disappointed!

  • Sapna (Tuesday, September 22 20 01:14 pm BST)

    The reading with Tasha was very insightful and deep. She is an honest and intuitive reader. Highly recommend!

  • Melanie Mitchell (Monday, September 14 20 03:05 am BST)

    Tasha has a unique ability to mix intuition and tools that presents a very accurate read on where you are, where you are going and how to get there. She does complete reading on time frames with specifics in regards to each segment of the reading. I love readings that give me insight to the future, helps to set goals and gentle suggestions on how to put your best foot forward. GREAT session, well worth any price.

  • Christina V (Sunday, July 12 20 04:44 am BST)

    Once again another wonderful reading with this gifted reader Tasha! I asked for a general reading and my message was very profound. She actually confirmed something that had just popped up in that same week and offered perspective without knowing. I always enjoy our sessions as she is very personable and down to earth. It is a nice touch she offers with the readings using the charms and the oracles. I can't thank you enough!!! XOXO Christina

  • Sylvia Bentz (Thursday, July 09 20 04:58 pm BST)

    Tasha has such a great gift. I had my first reading with her and found her to be spot on. She explained the deck well and honed in on challenges and patterns with precision. Straight to the point, clear and most importantly very accurate. She sends a picture of the deck afterwards which is a unique and lovely idea.

  • Claire Staddon (Sunday, July 05 20 10:43 pm BST)

    ‪On Friday, 3rd July 2020, I attended Tasha’s online “Divintea”‬
    ‪Charm course.‬

    ‪The afternoon training session was intense, interactive and informative.‬
    ‪Tasha explained everything in detail and incorporated personal insights‬
    ‪and examples to help me understand individual charm meanings and how to‬
    ‪interpret them in readings.‬

    ‪I received the “Divinitea” Lenormand Charm Kit - Deluxe in a timely‬
    ‪manner and was pleased with the quality of the kit.‬

    ‪This course is excellent value for money and I can wholeheartedly‬
    ‪recommend it to new and seasoned psychic readers.‬

  • Marc Muller (Wednesday, June 24 20 10:10 pm BST)

    Tasha was professional and she made me feel very comfortable during the appointment. Her reading was very accurate. She picked up on things that I have not told anybody. I am very impressed and will get my friends to see her. I highly recommend her! Such a gifted soul!

  • Tee (Wednesday, May 06 20 11:12 pm BST)

    I had a reading with Tasha and so much resonated, she’s a very caring, kind and compassionate reader. I will definitely be coming back for future readings. Thank you so much, I gained a lot of insight and clarity. God Bless You xx

  • S. Hill (Saturday, May 02 20 06:34 pm BST)

    WoW - I always get so much information Tasha from your readings, you are quite an amazing reader Thank You <3

  • Michele Thompson (Thursday, April 30 20 04:16 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for the amazing reading! You were right on point 💜🙏🏼💜

  • Lorraine (Monday, March 30 20 01:26 pm BST)

    Thank you so much Tasha for my brilliant reading on 27/3/2020. It made perfect sense to me. I love the way you work very professional, I would definitely recommend a reading with Tasha! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you love Lorraine xx

  • Andrea oriani (Thursday, March 19 20 08:07 pm GMT)

    Brilliant! What a hour and and half! Worth every penny! Really needed what was said , for ur business or personal life ...

  • Louise (Thursday, March 19 20 07:36 pm GMT)

    Excellent reading with Tasha.
    I'm at a cross roads and needed guidance and reassurance. I most definitely got this with Tasha. Very professional and video calling was very easy.

    Thank you

  • Ann (Tuesday, March 17 20 09:13 am GMT)

    A remarkably talented reader who reads with depth & accuracy. Give her a call you won’t be disappointed!

  • Jacky Rowe (Friday, March 13 20 10:23 am GMT)

    Have a fantastic reading with Tasha, nothing was too much trouble

  • Josie Quinlan (Wednesday, March 04 20 09:34 am GMT)

    I’m blown away by your reading! What a talent 💕 Thankyou so much it was very accurate to my situation xx

  • Myaa Villa (Saturday, February 22 20 12:33 pm GMT)

    Very professional & on point with her reading 🙏🏼 Appreciate it!

  • Josephine Hearne (Tuesday, February 18 20 03:27 pm GMT)

    Thank you so so much Tasha for the reading 💖 it has given me some guidance and motivation, you have it spot on & I’ve certainly been thinking about travel and I’ll be working on it now. Much appreciated! ✨👏🏽

  • Miriam Molina (Saturday, January 25 20 01:04 pm GMT)

    I had mini reading and wow mind blowing. You picked up on everything that is going on with me. Your reading just gave me the clarity I needed to see that is time to quit my second job. ♥️

  • LP (Thursday, January 16 20 12:23 pm GMT)

    Thank you Tasha for the awesome mini reading, it all does resonate and is really appreciated. Thank you for your time and energy 🙏🏻

  • Sandy Hershey Jones (Tuesday, January 14 20 05:45 pm GMT)

    Tasha gave me a reading and she has such a soothing voice, you get memorized from it. Really into it. She was so spot on. It's my first time getting a reading from her . But I'll tell you it won't be the last. I'm so glad to have found her. Telling me about my work an how to handle it. It's such a blessing to know. Thank you for your time and energy. Greatly appreciated. It was a reading to keep me on track. Such lovely cards. Lots to think about. I’m so grateful for her. Truly everyone look her up . You will love her too!

  • Carroll Swager (Tuesday, January 07 20 07:24 am GMT)

    Thank you Tasha, the information was spot on & I could validate all of it! Love & light ❤️❤️

  • Misty Tweedie (Tuesday, January 07 20 06:19 am GMT)

    Thank you so much for my mini reading it was very helpful and spot on. I have been working on moving up in my career and working toward it. 💕

  • Melissa Dressler (Sunday, December 29 19 05:00 am GMT)

    ‪Tasha the charms are amazing and 💯 true. Thank you so much!‬

  • Karen Baker (Saturday, December 21 19 04:02 pm GMT)

    Thank you so very much, this entire reading was absolutely spot’s the most perfect validation ever xoxoxo bless you so much thank you xxxxxx

  • Lovina Rambopal (Monday, December 16 19 05:01 pm GMT)

    Thank you Tasha for the awesome reading and it sure does resonate. Thank you for your time and energy. Love and blessings 🙏🌺🕉️

  • Suzanne (Friday, December 13 19 08:30 am GMT)

    Thank you Tasha for being a brilliant teacher. I really enjoyed your course and the way you teach it. I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves tarot and wants to learn more. 💐

  • LDavid (Monday, December 09 19 07:44 pm GMT)

    WOW!! This was my first reading with Tasha and it was just the most amazing reading I have ever had. It was so spot on and just blew me away. With such a great ability to read the tarot cards so well it was just amazing . The READING is from a place of deep, deep wisdom. I wholeheartedly highly recommend a reading she is so gifted in her talent and i will definitely be back.

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