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  • Sapna (Tuesday, September 22 20 01:14 pm BST)

    The reading with Tasha was very insightful and deep. She is an honest and intuitive reader. Highly recommend!

  • Melanie Mitchell (Monday, September 14 20 03:05 am BST)

    Tasha has a unique ability to mix intuition and tools that presents a very accurate read on where you are, where you are going and how to get there. She does complete reading on time frames with specifics in regards to each segment of the reading. I love readings that give me insight to the future, helps to set goals and gentle suggestions on how to put your best foot forward. GREAT session, well worth any price.

  • Christina V (Sunday, July 12 20 04:44 am BST)

    Once again another wonderful reading with this gifted reader Tasha! I asked for a general reading and my message was very profound. She actually confirmed something that had just popped up in that same week and offered perspective without knowing. I always enjoy our sessions as she is very personable and down to earth. It is a nice touch she offers with the readings using the charms and the oracles. I can't thank you enough!!! XOXO Christina

  • Sylvia Bentz (Thursday, July 09 20 04:58 pm BST)

    Tasha has such a great gift. I had my first reading with her and found her to be spot on. She explained the deck well and honed in on challenges and patterns with precision. Straight to the point, clear and most importantly very accurate. She sends a picture of the deck afterwards which is a unique and lovely idea.

  • Claire Staddon (Sunday, July 05 20 10:43 pm BST)

    ‪On Friday, 3rd July 2020, I attended Tasha’s online “Divintea”‬
    ‪Charm course.‬

    ‪The afternoon training session was intense, interactive and informative.‬
    ‪Tasha explained everything in detail and incorporated personal insights‬
    ‪and examples to help me understand individual charm meanings and how to‬
    ‪interpret them in readings.‬

    ‪I received the “Divinitea” Lenormand Charm Kit - Deluxe in a timely‬
    ‪manner and was pleased with the quality of the kit.‬

    ‪This course is excellent value for money and I can wholeheartedly‬
    ‪recommend it to new and seasoned psychic readers.‬

  • Marc Muller (Wednesday, June 24 20 10:10 pm BST)

    Tasha was professional and she made me feel very comfortable during the appointment. Her reading was very accurate. She picked up on things that I have not told anybody. I am very impressed and will get my friends to see her. I highly recommend her! Such a gifted soul!

  • Tee (Wednesday, May 06 20 11:12 pm BST)

    I had a reading with Tasha and so much resonated, she’s a very caring, kind and compassionate reader. I will definitely be coming back for future readings. Thank you so much, I gained a lot of insight and clarity. God Bless You xx

  • S. Hill (Saturday, May 02 20 06:34 pm BST)

    WoW - I always get so much information Tasha from your readings, you are quite an amazing reader Thank You <3

  • Michele Thompson (Thursday, April 30 20 04:16 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for the amazing reading! You were right on point 💜🙏🏼💜

  • Lorraine (Monday, March 30 20 01:26 pm BST)

    Thank you so much Tasha for my brilliant reading on 27/3/2020. It made perfect sense to me. I love the way you work very professional, I would definitely recommend a reading with Tasha! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you love Lorraine xx

  • Andrea oriani (Thursday, March 19 20 08:07 pm GMT)

    Brilliant! What a hour and and half! Worth every penny! Really needed what was said , for ur business or personal life ...

  • Louise (Thursday, March 19 20 07:36 pm GMT)

    Excellent reading with Tasha.
    I'm at a cross roads and needed guidance and reassurance. I most definitely got this with Tasha. Very professional and video calling was very easy.

    Thank you

  • Ann (Tuesday, March 17 20 09:13 am GMT)

    A remarkably talented reader who reads with depth & accuracy. Give her a call you won’t be disappointed!

  • Jacky Rowe (Friday, March 13 20 10:23 am GMT)

    Have a fantastic reading with Tasha, nothing was too much trouble

  • Josie Quinlan (Wednesday, March 04 20 09:34 am GMT)

    I’m blown away by your reading! What a talent 💕 Thankyou so much it was very accurate to my situation xx

  • Myaa Villa (Saturday, February 22 20 12:33 pm GMT)

    Very professional & on point with her reading 🙏🏼 Appreciate it!

  • Josephine Hearne (Tuesday, February 18 20 03:27 pm GMT)

    Thank you so so much Tasha for the reading 💖 it has given me some guidance and motivation, you have it spot on & I’ve certainly been thinking about travel and I’ll be working on it now. Much appreciated! ✨👏🏽

  • Miriam Molina (Saturday, January 25 20 01:04 pm GMT)

    I had mini reading and wow mind blowing. You picked up on everything that is going on with me. Your reading just gave me the clarity I needed to see that is time to quit my second job. ♥️

  • LP (Thursday, January 16 20 12:23 pm GMT)

    Thank you Tasha for the awesome mini reading, it all does resonate and is really appreciated. Thank you for your time and energy 🙏🏻

  • Sandy Hershey Jones (Tuesday, January 14 20 05:45 pm GMT)

    Tasha gave me a reading and she has such a soothing voice, you get memorized from it. Really into it. She was so spot on. It's my first time getting a reading from her . But I'll tell you it won't be the last. I'm so glad to have found her. Telling me about my work an how to handle it. It's such a blessing to know. Thank you for your time and energy. Greatly appreciated. It was a reading to keep me on track. Such lovely cards. Lots to think about. I’m so grateful for her. Truly everyone look her up . You will love her too!

  • Carroll Swager (Tuesday, January 07 20 07:24 am GMT)

    Thank you Tasha, the information was spot on & I could validate all of it! Love & light ❤️❤️

  • Misty Tweedie (Tuesday, January 07 20 06:19 am GMT)

    Thank you so much for my mini reading it was very helpful and spot on. I have been working on moving up in my career and working toward it. 💕

  • Melissa Dressler (Sunday, December 29 19 05:00 am GMT)

    ‪Tasha the charms are amazing and 💯 true. Thank you so much!‬

  • Karen Baker (Saturday, December 21 19 04:02 pm GMT)

    Thank you so very much, this entire reading was absolutely spot’s the most perfect validation ever xoxoxo bless you so much thank you xxxxxx

  • Lovina Rambopal (Monday, December 16 19 05:01 pm GMT)

    Thank you Tasha for the awesome reading and it sure does resonate. Thank you for your time and energy. Love and blessings 🙏🌺🕉️

  • Suzanne (Friday, December 13 19 08:30 am GMT)

    Thank you Tasha for being a brilliant teacher. I really enjoyed your course and the way you teach it. I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves tarot and wants to learn more. 💐

  • LDavid (Monday, December 09 19 07:44 pm GMT)

    WOW!! This was my first reading with Tasha and it was just the most amazing reading I have ever had. It was so spot on and just blew me away. With such a great ability to read the tarot cards so well it was just amazing . The READING is from a place of deep, deep wisdom. I wholeheartedly highly recommend a reading she is so gifted in her talent and i will definitely be back.

  • Tracy Ellis (Wednesday, December 04 19 01:31 pm GMT)

    Tasha, wow you have blown me away! Thank you so much for your time and energy.

  • Bernadette Gore (Sunday, December 01 19 11:27 pm GMT)

    Thank you for your reading it was spot on ❤

  • Tahlulah Tipuna (Thursday, November 28 19 10:43 am GMT)

    Thank you so much! Wow!!! I didn't really expect much but you were spot on with every thing, right down to fights with a sibling!!! Thank you!

  • Ojo Prudence (Saturday, November 23 19 09:14 pm GMT)

    Thanks it all resonates with me - amazing!

  • Rach Carlton (Saturday, November 23 19 10:32 am GMT)

    Thankyou so much Tasha for the reading. It sure did resonate!

  • Bet Murphy (Friday, November 15 19 03:49 pm GMT)

    I just received an amazing reading. I have never had a reading by Tasha before, however everything described was so accurate, right down to the subtleties. It was very confirming.

  • Karen c (Wednesday, October 16 19 08:12 pm BST)

    Had an amazingly accurate reading
    Tasha was thoughtful and helpful
    offering me advice and insight.
    I have used tarot readings for years and
    I highly recommend her.

  • Katy Seitz (Saturday, September 28 19 04:29 pm BST)

    Spot on. She's the real deal. Very accurate... very kind lovely soul. Thanks so much for your time I greatly appreciate it.

  • Farrah (Sunday, September 22 19 06:50 pm BST)

    I received a career reading from you this morning. You picked on my stress that I am feeling from work. Thank you for encouraging me to keep going. Also nurturing myself is my main focus now. Thank you for your guidance. I appreciate very much. 💕

  • Jessy (Sunday, September 22 19 06:20 pm BST)

    Loved your reading so spot on 💜💜

  • Siobhan (Sunday, September 22 19 05:21 pm BST)

    I really enjoyed my first ever Tarot Reading with Tasha. She gave me some good insights and was spot on with my situation. It has given me some hope and inspiration for the future. Would highly recommend.

  • Sarah P (Tuesday, September 03 19 06:03 pm BST)

    I really enjoyed my reading with Tasha. It was my first ever reading and I found it fascinating. She had great insight into my personality and that of my husband! She homed straight in on the key issues concerning me at the moment and was very specific about certain things! I felt very calm by the end of it and slept brilliantly that night. I’m yet to see if the predictions all come true but it was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting anyway!

  • Elisa Rose (Thursday, August 22 19 10:27 pm BST)

    Tasha your reading was amazing! So detailed and just on point! Thank you so much ❤️ I highly recommend her 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Misha (Saturday, August 10 19 11:57 am BST)

    I'd absolutely recommend Tasha. I had her do a Lenormand reading for me a couple of months ago - so far everything she said has been accurate! I've just booked another reading with her because I was so impressed. Thank you , Tasha.

  • AP (Thursday, August 08 19 08:53 pm BST)

    I had my first session with Tasha today, she was very kind and compassionate. She was able to read things that I hadn’t mentioned to her and figure out my situation before I provided my background. She’s left no doubt in my mind of her genuineness. Best wishes to you, Tasha. Thanks for using your gift to help others.

  • Terri (Thursday, August 08 19 08:05 am BST)

    Wow! What can I say. I would highly recommend Tasha for a reading she was very accurate and also very helpful. I was blown away. Thank you Tasha. Looking forward too you reading for me again very soon. Much love TD xxx

  • Debs Harvey (Tuesday, August 06 19 01:55 am BST)

    Tasha Lee I’m humbly grateful to you for my reading. The time and energy you took I appreciate and acknowledge. Thank you for your accurate interpretation of my situation and for the hope you provided me with. You’re so correct in how you see my situation and I’m eternally grateful.
    Sending love, light, blessings and rainbows 🌈 and prosperity that comes back to you ten fold.

  • Pauline Whittall (Friday, July 26 19 10:05 pm BST)

    Had a few readings from this lovely lady now. she is very accurate going straight to the heart of my problems Cant thank her enough and i would definitely recommend her

  • Michelle (Tuesday, July 16 19 11:26 pm BST)

    Thanks so much for for the card. It resonates deeply as my family seems to condem me for my mistakes. So I will be grateful for the small victories I make and ignore their negative comments, even though when it's coming from my son, it breaks my heart. Thank you again.

  • Sandy Graham (Monday, July 01 19 04:46 pm BST)

    Just had an AMAZING reading with Tasha Lee. She was extremely accurate and has left me feeling a lot happier and uplifted. I highly recommend anyone to have a psychic reading with her as you won't be disappointed. Thank you Tasha for taking the time this afternoon, I very much appreciate it.

  • Vikki Fosdal (Monday, June 24 19 03:27 pm BST)

    Just had a mini reading with the fabulous Tasha Lee. Spot on as always. Check out her page. I highly recommend her readings.

  • Linda skinner (Saturday, June 22 19 10:59 pm BST)

    I had a free reading on Tasha’s live feed,
    It felt like she was in my head, I was blown away, absolutely, every word she said was true to my situation,
    Keep doing what your doing Tasha, you are fabulous and gave me so much control and confidence, love to you xxx

  • Victoria Smith (Friday, June 21 19 11:43 am BST)

    Thanks for reading me I really appreciate it. I can totally resonate with everything you said. This meant so much to me - Thank you

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