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  • Ann-marie (Wednesday, July 10 24 08:04 pm BST)

    Thank you Tasha, for your accurate reading and confirming the sense of what I needed to do to move forward with my service.

  • Arianna (Wednesday, March 13 24 06:31 pm GMT)

    Thank you, Tasha; that was precisely what I needed in this particular period of my life. Thank you for your help. :)

  • Neil Wishart (Wednesday, January 17 24 09:58 pm GMT)

    Honestly, this is a big statement to make, and I understanding the realm of possibilities, but, I find it hard how anyone could be disappointed from a reading or service given by Tasha. Tasha is my solid & consistent go-to for readings, advice, and she is an excellent teacher to learn under. I don't know anyone so versed in what she lives for. She is real, straight talking with a warm and compassionate approach. She isn't wierd freaky like some in the industry, the only freakiness is how brilliant she is, impressive freaky! Tasha is one of the Worlds true seers, a gift to this World and anyone who decides to choose her for the help and guidance they need. She is outstanding in her skills and abilities, and as a person. I cannot sing praises for Tasha enough! Everyone should have at least one reading with Tasha.

  • Barbara (Friday, January 05 24 09:00 pm GMT)

    I was totally blown away by Tasha’s clear insights and her great reader talent! She created a very nice atmosphere during our reading, and I felt myself safe; moreover all of her messages, statements were totally clear and there were no “general talks”, she absolutely specified the information and gave really clear, exact and personalized details about my life and also regarding my future. I recommend her warmly to everyone!

  • Katie (Wednesday, November 29 23 09:37 pm GMT)

    Absolutely brilliant, from start to finish. Tasha was so patient and understanding of any questions or concerns that I had, I felt comfortable through out and learnt alot from the experience. 110% would recommend.

  • Victoria (Wednesday, November 08 23 09:32 pm GMT)

    I had a fantastic reading with Tasha she is a very talented lady and was spot on with everything and explained in detail with very clear direction. Many thanks I highly recommend

  • Angie Brown (Friday, October 20 23 04:17 pm BST)

    Tasha is a genuinely talented gifted reader who provides honest and truthful guidance with empathy and understanding .
    Her intuitive insights helped in giving me clear direction and understanding on my current life challenges .
    Thank you Tasha for showing me a way forward, feel so much more positive now .
    Highly recommend

  • Danielle (Wednesday, October 18 23 11:21 pm BST)

    My reading with Tasha was spot on! It clarified my confusion and affirmed my intuitive knowing. She was so helpful with suggestions as well. I highly recommend her. She is the real deal!

  • Leah C (Tuesday, September 05 23 05:35 pm BST)

    Wow! All I can say. What an accurate, uplifting, solutions-oriented encounter. The level of encouragement and actionable steps given is really remarkable. Tasha is an incredibly talented woman, and what a blessing to have found her. ❤️ I can't believe she can see what she can from across countries, and given little to no information. What a gift.

  • Kathy (Saturday, September 02 23 10:01 pm BST)

    Thank you so much I loved it! I’m definitely coming back in the future and recommending you

  • Carole (Thursday, August 31 23 01:53 pm BST)

    I have just had a 90 Minute Pyschic Reading with Tasha which was the most comprehensive Reading I have ever had (and I have had alot over the years). Tasha's Reading style is so different - I would call her a Pyschic Counsellor as not only does she show you what is coming up in all areas of your life, she also gives guidance on how to approach them - in my case by adopting a different approach than I would normally. She is so gifted and accurate and you leave the session feeling uplifted and having the necessary tools to move forward and live your best life.

  • Melanie Williamson (Monday, August 21 23 08:04 pm BST)

    I had a fantastic, enlightening reading!
    Tasha is very gifted and honest, which is a great combination in my opinion.
    Thank you so much once again!

  • Bethany (Wednesday, July 26 23 12:34 am BST)

    Tasha is a gifted reader who provides clear answers and guidance. She does not offer generic platitudes, but actually sees into the situation and you cannot deny that she sees what others can’t see. I’ve seen several readers over the years and she is the best. She tells you the truth, which is not necessarily what you always want to hear. Highly recommend her!!

  • Rosemari (Thursday, July 13 23 01:50 pm BST)

    An amazing cartomancer and reader - right on the spot.

  • Julie (Tuesday, June 20 23 09:17 pm BST)

    What a wonderful reading. I have just come back from a road trip with my
    van and went to the UK.
    I feel so free and when she mentioned about a gypsy, I laughed because I
    feel so much that way, and cannot wait to get a new van too, which I
    just thought about today.
    She hit on point on all facts. Great to have the confirmation 😊

  • Tania (Monday, June 05 23 09:49 am BST)

    My reading with Tasha was spot on and was very insightful. I would highly recommend, I will definitely book with her again in the future. Thank you x

  • Holly (Friday, May 12 23 03:15 pm BST)

    I have never had a reading of any sort before so was not sure what to expect, but I found Tasha to be incredibly calming and helpful. I really enjoyed this and would recommend to anyone!

  • Pete (Wednesday, April 05 23 09:12 am BST)

    I started the call not really knowing what I wanted out of it, by the end I had answers I never knew I wanted!
    So many things I liked about my reading, I think the thing that stuck out was the way Tasha's explained everything and spent time answering my questions.
    Thanks again for your time, you made my week!

  • Caroline (Saturday, March 11 23 12:32 am GMT)

    This is my second reading from Tasha and I love her down-to-earth, straight-talking approach. She tells me what I need to know, not always what I want to hear but that is part of her gift to deliver honest guidance in a compassionate and caring way. Thanks Tasha ✨

  • Lana Cartwright (Friday, February 24 23 05:49 pm GMT)

    Amazing reading from Tasha, everything was bang on point and helped give me some much needed clarity and confirmation of learning to trust my gut instinct more than I do. I feel much calmer and more focused. Thank you

  • Cindy B (Tuesday, February 21 23 09:31 am GMT)

    Excellent professional reader!!!
    Straight to the point with no fluffing, empathic, honest and insightful.
    Highly recommended!

  • Andrea Kechiche (Thursday, February 16 23 10:37 am GMT)

    As usual Tasha was spot on. Everything she mentioned was true and to the point. She always has the truth! Nice to catch up.

  • Alex (Thursday, February 09 23 06:03 pm GMT)

    Tasha has meet my expectations and more. This is the second time that Tasha has performed a psychic reading for me and I can say that she is very professional, sensitive and accurate. Thank you Tasha for being such a warm and empathetic person. Thank you also for all the great advice!

  • Lorraine Shepherd (Sunday, January 22 23 09:23 pm GMT)

    Had a ZOOM reading Jan 2023. All I can say is "WOW". The accuracy was nothing short of incredible. Bought me some comfort and put my mind at rest about many things. Will be booking again. Please don't be scared/worried, it's a nice relaxed session. Thank you Tasha.

  • Nicola (Wednesday, January 18 23 03:23 pm GMT)

    Having been a little nervous about a zoom reading as opposed to face to face, I am pleased to say I had the best reading I have ever had. I highly recommend Tasha, she is intuitive, insightful, and honest. She spent time to help me work through the feelings that my spread created and for that I am truly thankful. Don’t waste time thinking about it, just book - you won’t regret it.

  • Mr Neil R Wishart (Wednesday, January 04 23 09:52 pm GMT)

    It's taken me a long time to write my review for Tasha, simply because there are no words that I can write which capture how magnificent Tasha truly is. I've been both student and client, and I'll be a student and client of hers again. Tasha as a teacher is everything I could want and so much more. She is incredibly versed in many subjects, she gives everything to her students and wants only the best, Tasha will never have an 'off' day, (even if she has a justifiable reason to.) Her attention to detail and being thorough is inspirational and admirable. She is exceptional! She has devoted her entire life to being the best she can be at what she does and in what she has to offer, and won't settle for anything less. She wants the same for her students and won't hold back in helping them achieve this for themselves. A 100% genuine personality, she will accept you as you are, she's 100% honest, and 100% fierce at being awesome. Tasha gives her all.

    As a client, she will blow your mind! 'WOW' is all I can say.

  • Pauline Whittall (Tuesday, December 20 22 10:43 pm GMT)

    Had a psychic reading with Tasha this evening. She was absolutely spot on with the issues in my life and pointed me in the right direction. Her straight talking truthful approach was just what i needed today. Can't recommend her enough..

  • Jo (Wednesday, December 14 22 06:05 am GMT)

    This is now my third reading from Tasha, why? Because I’ve found she’s the best for me. Being so intuitive and connected, so many things make sense and fall into place.
    When the time is right I’ll be back for more.
    Thank you Tasha, you are truly amazing

  • Lynda (Tuesday, December 06 22 04:10 pm GMT)

    Thank you for my reading, at a time when I am feeling lost and very unhappy you have given me some hope xx

  • Caroline (Monday, October 31 22 03:18 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. This was the first time I’d had a psychic reading and Tasha was so insightful, caring, down-to-Earth but also helpful on a practical level. I wish I’d come to you before but I will be back again soon x

  • Jette lilholm (Monday, October 17 22 09:00 pm BST)

    Aa weekend course in the Lenormand system this weekend gave my colleague and I so much.
    Tasja is a fantastic person. she is a formidable communicator of the Lenormand system and with guarantee also of all her other abilities and gifts.
    we were totally filled up when we left England and returned home to Denmark, but we are going back again in the spring.
    tasja is a gift to the spiritual world.
    thank you and good luck with your work as a mediator 🙏
    jette lilholm

  • Karin (Monday, October 17 22 08:51 am BST)

    Dearest Tasha . Thank you for some fantastic days - learning GT and Extended GT. You are are very wise and structured teacher, with a lot of knowledge. I have enjoyed your teaching and my readings are now , at the next level. I Will be back for more next year. Best regards from Denmark , Karin

  • Felicia (Monday, August 08 22 08:38 am BST)

    Super friendly lady! She took her time to explain what will happen and did not rush to go through everything. She paused to see if I had any questions and made sure to really highlight the bad and good areas coming up, gave some reassurance and tips on how to overcome some issues that I might face, troubles I might have now and where to enjoy myself. A lot what she said what has happened and what I am facing now was very accurate, what the future will hold we will see. First time I have a reading done by her, so it will be very interesting to see by spring next year how much as played out and I look forward to coming back after spring for the next 6 months reading!
    Ps beautiful Lenormand cards!

  • Emily (Monday, August 08 22 04:22 am BST)

    Has to come back and leave another review. I booked a reading with Tasha back in May for my professional development from June to September.

    Everything (and I mean everything!) she has predicted has come true. And her prediction was nothing vague and general that will be true in whatever situation you met with. Nope! Her prediction was immensely detailed, to the point that I was skeptical when I first heard it because I didn't think what she said can happen. 2 months forward, I was in absolute shock when they actually came true.

    If you booked a service with her, I highly recommend recording the service for your own reference in the future, especially if you did a reading for a long timeframe. There are many details I didn't pay attention during the reading but later on caught my attention after I listened to it again. Also, there were some very great advices Tasha gave that I didn't pay attention to during the reading, but I really appreciated when listening to it again afterwards.

  • Alex (Tuesday, August 02 22 05:10 am BST)

    Thank you so much for the reading. All the advice are very accurate.
    Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Amy Yennella (Monday, July 25 22 03:12 pm BST)

    So grateful to have Tasha as a teacher. Tasha goes over the mechanics and thoroughly breaks things down while giving actual tools and techniques to practice and apply. Tasha’s authenticity is so much appreciated and I highly recommend her classes!!

  • Marci Tsohonis (Thursday, July 21 22 02:29 am BST)

    Tasha is a wonderful psychic-medium and teacher! I feel lucky to be in Tasha's Psychic/Mediumship open Development Circle and I learn something new every week.

    Tasha provides an interesting lesson and new exercises every week, applicable to everyone in the circle. But she also keeps her eye on the progress of every member, coaching each of us individually when we get stuck! Tasha is warm and helpful, very direct, and has the wisdom and experience to anticipate and advise those she is teaching. I highly value and recommend Tasha!

  • Marie (Thursday, July 07 22 02:41 pm BST)

    When we read the review, the expression that comes back regularly is "blown away". My experience was no different. Tasha goes further, deeper that we can expect. I've had many readings done before by tarot readers, coffe cup readers or astrologers. I've rarely met with someone so helpful. Tasha is empowering and genuinely compassionate. Thank you, Tasha!

  • Lynda (Thursday, June 16 22 02:41 pm BST)

    Excellent and accurate

  • Carol Leigh (Monday, June 06 22 06:32 am BST)

    I am grateful for the quality and detail of the reading Tasha gave me. She presented a roadmap of how to move forward and pointed out things that hold me back, and I had some things I had suspected about a current situation confirmed. I've had readings with others before and Tasha is by far the best and most trustworthy.

  • Emily Khuat (Thursday, May 26 22 05:16 pm BST)

    I adore Tasha! As a Lenormand learner, it's very interesting to me on how she arrives to her conclusion. Lenormand can take you to various directions, and it requires a really strong focus to the question plus a little intuition to really decipher the correct message it is trying to send with just 36 cards. So Tasha really enlightens me in how her intuition works with the cards so brilliantly, and she doesn't fail to amaze me! Another thing I truly like about Tasha is her passion with the art and her dedication to the client. Tasha goes above and beyond what I need,and she just doesn't nonchalantly touch the surface but goes deep deep down into the details. I really appreciate that from her.

    I just had a reading with Tasha recently, and thus cannot really verify if the reading is 100% accurate. However, I am already seeing things going the way that she mentioned in our reading. It will be very interesting to see how things play out, and I look forward to providing more feedbacks on how spot on her reading has been. Nevertheless, I walk out of the reading feeling more focused and relieved, and even more relieved now seeing how things are aligning with what she suggested. This is probably the best 50 pounds I have ever spent.

  • Tara (Wednesday, May 18 22 11:44 pm BST)

    Absolutely brilliant reading!!
    I wanted a question answered and Tasha was spot on. She helped me to see where my block was and how to sort it! I felt happy & so uplifted at the end. I highly recommend Tasha. She is so very Gifted x

  • Jo (Thursday, April 14 22 07:23 pm BST)

    I had a long overdue reading with Tasha today….. and as always she did not disappoint.
    Not only insightful and thought provoking but uncannily accurate, reinforcing my own intuition- which was so helpful.
    Tasha as always is kind, compassionate and very careful with ensuring that the reading is about what “you” asked for.
    It is always delivered in such a manner that is filled with hope, clarity and in her always gentle manner.

    I would highly recommend a reading with Tasha to anyone who asks.

    Thank you Tasha

  • Sue (Thursday, February 10 22 02:00 pm GMT)

    I had a brilliant reading with Tash - it was accurate and very relevant. It included information I needed to hear which was delivered with honesty and compassion. I would definitely recommend Tash to read for you.

  • Neil Wishart (Monday, January 24 22 07:38 pm GMT)

    Whenever I want to learn something I always seek out the best to give me the best foundations and starting point in what I want to be good at. Tasha Lee is definitely the best in her field of expertise. She is super professional and down to earth without any judgement. Her knowledge is unparalleled in my eyes and her skills will blow your mind. If you needed to aspire to be as good as someone then Tasha Lee is the perfect role model to choose from. Her course exceeded my expectations, and already knowing a bit about her, my expectations were already set very high. I have gained so much confidence and I can't wait to learn more from this incredible Soul!

  • Claire (Wednesday, January 19 22 05:34 pm GMT)

    Thank you for a fantastic reading. I can’t recommend you highly enough

  • Kay B (Wednesday, December 01 21 09:06 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful reading, I feel enlightened and I feel like you have validated my inner feelings and thoughts. Here’s to the future 🥂

  • Michelle Araujo (Thursday, August 26 21 04:13 pm BST)

    Tasha is a great psychic that really surprised me with her accuracy and insights about my current life. She's fun, very down to earth, doesn't rush things and isn't afraid of the nitty gritty. I benefited a lot from our session and will certainly be back again when the time is right. Recommended!

  • P (Saturday, August 14 21 10:53 am BST)

    I would just like to say that your reading for me was spot on!

  • Hazel (Monday, August 09 21 11:14 pm BST)

    I had a reading with Tasha this week, the dilemma that I had has literally tormented me for years.... after an hour of cards & clairvoyance I walked away with so much insight, and a clear plan for moving forward in the future. Tasha told me about something very specific in my past that even I had forgotten about!!!! My rating for her is 10 out of 10🙂. It was money & time very well spent..... I walked away feeling that not only had I recieved a bloody good reading, but had to also recieved useful counselling too!! Yes, she is as straight talking as her reputation says! But she gave her reading with kindness and compassion too! I would highly recommend her readings to anyone.....

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